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Who is Our Provider Directory For?

For Doctors

On first glance, it may seem strange that a nonprofit operating mostly offshore would set up a provider directory for doctors in the USA, Canada and the Philippines. To understand the why, we need to introduce you to our 1000 CLUB, a networking platform we created solely for doctors who want to influence the global health outcomes of women by promoting maternal care solutions for disadvantaged patient communities. The Clinics IV Life clinic model relies on advice and input from these professionals to ensure we deliver only the best in care.

The 1000 CLUB offers doctors the opportunity see their ideas implemented in the real world, rather than simply floating concepts into the self-edifying echo chambers created by social media. Our management engages actively with the club’s members, and great ideas are pounced on. In short, rather than simply just talk about, these doctors want to affect change and we provide them the vehicle to achieve it through our clinic model.

We created the Provider Directory as our way of saying thank you to these doctors. Their desire and efforts to improve the medical lot of women should not go unrewarded, and the Provider Directory is a small step to recognize their efforts and to thank them for their donations to our charity. We are grateful, and to show our gratitude, we believe actions speak volumes. Ergo, the directory.

If you’d like to list your practice in the directory, we would welcome your contributions to maternal health and our digital community. We are surrounded by wonderful, caring doctors and we’re certain you’d be most welcome. Share your knowledge and share your ideas, all for the betterment of women’s health.

You can sign up here, from inside the directory, and by adding a paid subscription you will automatically be enrolled in the 1000 CLUB or alternatively, you can learn more about the club on Clinics IV Life and sign up there.

For patients

Patients can use the directory to find a doctor in their area, searching using numerous filters. If you aren’t sure how to use the search filters, please consult this article for help. Importantly, the directory offers you an opportunity to comment on the service your receive from a doctor by leaving a review. We encourage you to do so, as these reviews are helpful to other patients trying to decide on which doctor to choose.

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